macOS 11 Big Sur beta – AMD Navi31, MI100, MI200 & Cezanne

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At this year’s WWDC conference, Apple announced macOS 11 “Big Sur” which brings a plethora of changes in preparation for the company’s transition to their own silicon.

While the transition to ARM is an interesting topic on its own, the focus in today’s article will be macOS GPU drivers. AMD being the official GPU provider for Apple’s MacBook Pros, iMacs & Mac Pros means that its GPU drivers are included with each macOS release to ensure out of the box support for existing hardware.

However, these included drivers might not always be exclusive to existing hardware. In fact, beta versions for upcoming macOS releases do sometimes include a few bits and pieces of support for unreleased AMD hardware and this macOS 11 beta is no exception.

Below is a list of all the interesting easter eggs I could find during the limited time I had with macOS 11 “Big Sur” developer beta 1 :

Added support of Navi21 PCI IDs

The first developer beta for macOS 11 added support for 6 new PCI IDs :

  • 0x73A0 (Navi21)
  • 0x73A2 (Navi21)
  • 0x73A3 (Navi21)
  • 0x73AB (Navi21)
  • 0x73AE (Navi21)
  • 0x73BF (Navi21) two times

Navi31 ?!

Yes, you read that right. I found multiple references of Navi31 all throughout Apple’s AMD driver. This might be the first reference to RDNA3 based GPUs.

AMD Navi31 macOS Big Sur _rogame
AMD Navi31_2 macOS Big Sur _rogame
AMD Navi31_3 macOS Big Sur _rogame

MI100 & MI200

AMD MI100_MI200 macOS Big Sur _rogame


AMD Cezanne macOS Big Sur _rogame

I’ll be sure to update this list if I find more interesting AMD references.